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Concept | Salciccium

A unique concept

Salciccium is the niche for those who love sausage and for palates in search of gastronomic options. The combination of sausage, bread and beer, here made possible; a mix of foods from universal food culture, gathered together in a casual atmosphere with a comfortable design that invites the senses to simply enjoy, through the aromas, flavors and textures.

The quality, amazing. We gathered a selection of international chefs to put their knowledge onto an exquisite menu that you will surely love.

Make yourself at home, because we have designed a restaurant concept that will make you feel comfortable, surrounded by good taste and, of course, the music that will make your sausage, bread and beer become best friends.


German, Italian and Moroccan Merguez sausage and Argentinian chorizo, ranch chicken sausage, and, of course, Yucatan, the house sausage, which brings the flavor of Mexico to our menu.


But not only that, we’ve reinvented pizza and hamburgers, to surprise locals and foreigners. We have the Euroburger, a homemade burger, made with a delicious blend of USDA beef, beef and pork, or ranch chicken, seasoned with European fine herbs on our typical French bread, in addition to our French version of pizza called Parizza, which is a dish that you must try when you come.


Everything made at our facility is well made, because in order to give you the best quality, nothing beats our chefs creating and overseeing the manufacturing process of the basic products of our raw materials. The sausage, bread, Parizza dough, dressings and a few other products are made by Embutidos del Camino (owned by Salciccum), manufactured in an artisan way, under strict safety and hygiene standards, under TIF and Check Safety First Crystal category standards. We are interested in selling you not only taste, but certified quality for you and your family.